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Indian Classical Dances

India is a diverse country and a bucket of variety, and uniqueness in every field of Culture. Culture includes Dances, Music, Handicrafts, Dresses, etc.

Dances of India:

There are two types of dances in India, i.e. Classical dances and Folk dances. There are many similarities and differences between them. Classical dance has a psychic feeling to it. Whereas Folk dance has a psychic as well as holy feel to it.

Classical Dance:

There are eight types of Classical dance of India:

  • Kathakali: Its origin place is Kerala, India. It is done by young boys wearing female costumes and makeup. Not it can also be done in public places, and now at functions also. The costume is a full blouse and frock. Headgear is the main ornamentation of this dance. The jewelry is used of both gold and silver.

  • Bharatnatyam: Its origin place is Tamil Nadu, South India. It originated from Natya Shastra. It is not performed outside the boundary of the Temple. It is performed by women to narrate stories of god. A belt-like structure separates the legs of the Sari. The Stomach area is covered by a belt and the shingar is done of gold jewelery.

  • Kathak: This dance was origined in North India and now happens in states like UttarPradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. It is performed by man and woman both. The footsteps plays the main part of Kathak. It was originated from Kathawachak who orates the story with dance and music. Dancers wear ghungroos on their feet. Costumes can be Sareee, churidar(men also wears), ghagra, choli, and frock.

  • Mohiniyattam: This dance is origined from Kerala, South India. It is played by females only in a very soft and calm dance. It is dedicated to the lord Vishnu. The costume is saree or a dhoti with light shades. Heavy ornaments are used by dancers.

(Note: Classicals Dances are mainly performed in rituals events)

  • Kuchipudi: This is the dance of the state Andhra Pradesh. This dance is played by a single dancer. The dancer should be also good at singing. It follows the rituals of Puja. In starting, It was done by male but lately female also entred into it.

  • Manipuri: Manipur, a north-east India has its dance named Manipuri with the theme of Lord Krishna. The Lord Krishna life is expressed by the rhythms and scenes of this dance. Male and female both take part in this with different dresses. Dhoti Kurta is weared by man. A frock in barrel shape with velvet blouse is used by females.

  • Odissi: As its name says that this dance belongs to Orissa. Woman Plays the lead role. They use more than 50 madras with a lot of expressions. Costume is made with traditonal clothes. Sarees for women and Dhoti for women is used in this dance. Silver jewellery and ghungroos are used as ornaments in this dance.

  • Sattriya: It is the latest type of classical dance formed in 2008. It belongs to Assam state with the theme of Radha and Krishna. Dhoti, Chadar and turban is weared by men wherease women wears chadar, Kanchi(waist cloth) made in Assam with local jewellery.

Everyone should enjoy all these dances festivals or events by visiting the origin countries. Our Tour and Travels agency in chandigarh provides tour packages at best and convinient prices. Just feel free to contact us for your upcoing trip.

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