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Punjabi Culture and Traditions of Punjab

Punjab is a very famous state in the world. Its traditions, cultural diversity, and history are very exciting. In ancient times, Punjab was called as Land of seven rivers(Vitasta, Indus, Ravi, Satluj, Beas, Chenab, and Sarasvati “which dried up“) or Sapta Sindhu.

Punjab is a colorful region of where people belive in all their traditions and fulfill them with their belief. Punjabis are known as very open-hearted, lovely, and welcoming. They feel proud in their culture and their ideologies and history. If you will ever go to Punjab then you surely will have heartwarming and incredible welcomes. They welcome their guest with Lassi(in beverages) and local Punjabi food also. The identity of Punjab is different. Not normal of course all over the world because of its rich cultural diversity and traditions.

Language and Religions

The main language of Punjab is Punjabi which is also used for talking or communicating. But as Punjab is a diverse land so its languages are also further divided accordingly from region to region such as Majha, Malwa, Puad, Duaba, etc. All the different regions have different types of accents while talking. Also, the scriptural language of Punjab is Gurmukhi.

There are several types of religion in diverse Punjab. But the main religion is Hindu (Mostly Khatri/Brahmin and some Rajput and Baniya also) and Sikhs. Sikhs are present in a high number in the state. Sikhs have their religious centres mainly in Punjab like the most famous Golden Temple, Amritsar(the most visiting Gurudwara all over India) by Indians(of different religions) and Foreigners also.

Punjab’s People and their culture

The Punjab region has two communities Jatts & Khatri who are engaged in farming since ancient times. But now as development and technology are increasing then started moving in trade and businesses. They are specifically known for their togetherness as they are always there for their needy relatives/friends in their good and bad times.

They have faith in their culture and they follow every step of it with their full passion whether it is a joyful event or a sorrowful event, they play their full participation in every cultural event. This increases the beliefs of the younger generation and is a sign of togetherness in the world.

Punjabi Cuisine

Punjabi food and beverages are famous, delicious, and spicy food all over the world. It’s a very heavy meal as they use a lot of Ghee in Chapatti and their other food. They serve Lassi as a welcome drink that evolves from milk and is also one of the heaviest and strongest drinks which can be tough to digest for those who are not from the north.

Makki di Roti and Sarson da Saag are the common words as they are the local and traditional food of Punjab. Also there are other food in Punjab and Punjabi are tough beatable in Chicken food like Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken.

Dresses and Dances of Punjab

Salwar(for lower body) and Kameez(for upper body) and Kurta(for upper body) Pajama(for lower body) are the traditional dress of Punjab. These clothes are very colorful and beautifully embroidered by the designers. Turban is the pride for the Punjabi Men/Sikhs.

There are several types of Folk Music and dances in India. Punjab has the Bhangra as its folk dance which is a very popular dance in India. Punjabi usually do the bhangra on the time to welcome of Harvest season. Other dances like Gidda, Luddi, and Sammi are also traditional folk dances of Punjab.

So you will love to visit once in Punjab after reading all this and you can visit there on a very pocket-friendly budget. Just give us a call and contact us for your taxi service from Chandigarh. Our Chandigarh Tour Travels will take this as our pride to provide our customers great and hassle-free service.

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