Best Tempo Traveller Service In Chandigarh

Saini Tour and Travel feel proud to serve our customers different seating capacity tempo traveller as per their requirements. Our main focus is to satisfy our customers by providing the best services including the best quality vehicle and experiences driver.

How Tempo Traveller is the most comfortable and safest option for hills?

If you or your group ever visit in hills so the safest and comfortable, safest and most convenient way you will find to travel there. So tempo traveller is the best option to travel in the mountains. You can visit there with your big family and a large group of friends in Tempo Travellers. There … Continue reading How Tempo Traveller is the most comfortable and safest option for hills?

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Indian Classical Dances

India is a diverse country and a bucket of variety, and uniqueness in every field of Culture. Culture includes Dances, Music, Handicrafts, Dresses, etc. Dances of India: There are two types of dances in India, i.e. Classical dances and Folk dances. There are many similarities and differences between them. Classical dance has a psychic feeling … Continue reading Indian Classical Dances

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Punjabi Culture and Traditions of Punjab

Punjab is a very famous state in the world. Its traditions, cultural diversity, and history are very exciting. In ancient times, Punjab was called as Land of seven rivers(Vitasta, Indus, Ravi, Satluj, Beas, Chenab, and Sarasvati “which dried up“) or Sapta Sindhu. Punjab is a colorful region of where people belive in all their traditions … Continue reading Punjabi Culture and Traditions of Punjab

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